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Shob Bhooturey Movie Synopsis
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Shob Bhooturey is a Bengali ghost film where the protagonist Aniket (Abir Chatterjee) is a modern guy who is hell-bent on closing down the ghost magazine, started by his father, the Late Nabinmadhab Sen. The editor of the magazine "Shob Bhooturey" and Nabinmadhab's friend Kripadhar Babu (Supriyo Dutta) is opposed to Aniket's decision.
At this time a strange girl, Nandini (Sohini Sarkar), comes to their office and claims that Nabinmadhab had promised her employment because she can apparently see ghosts. Parallel to this, a school in the village of Kushumpur is shut down due to the occurrence of ghostly events culminating in the mysterious death of a child named Mini (Ida Dasgupta). The headmaster of the school, Poritosh Mukherjee (Sumanto Mukherjee) comes to this magazine for help. Aniket, Nandini and Kripadhar Babu set out on a mission to re-open the school and unravel the ghostly mystery.
Shob Bhooturey Movie Release
Date: Sep 08, 2017
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama
Censor & Rating: UA (12 years & Below Not Admitted)
Shob Bhooturey Movie Cast & Crew
Abir Chatterjee, Sohini Sarkar, Supriyo Dutta, Ida Dasgupta
Producers / Director Comments
Director: Birsa Dasgupta
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