GAP Miners India Pvt. Ltd
21, Pancom Chambers
Raj Bhavan Road
Hyderabad - 500082
Phone Numbers:
Note: Below numbers are of, a third party ticketing site and not that of any theatre or a bus company. We will be able to provide information for only those theatres/bus companies whose tickets we sell. So kindly check before calling us if we are selling tickets for the theatre you are interested in.
Landline Number: 91-40-23311563 - 9 AM to 6.00 PM on Working Days
Mobile: 8008887997 - 9 AM to 9.00 PM on All Days
Important Emails:
support[at the rate of symbol]nomorequeue[dot]com
theatres[at the rate of symbol]nomorequeue[dot]com
advertising[at the rate of symbol]nomorequeue[dot]com
The NoMoreQueue Promise :

We at always strive to give the best experience to our customers. If, occasionally for any reason like data communication interruption, bandwidth, connectivity or any other network related issues or payment gateway problem, your transaction does not go through or your ticket doesn't get generated, please send an email to quoting your transaction id (if available), time of booking, theatre, number of tickets, transaction amount and reference id from your credit card statement. You can rest assured that the problem would be addressed on TOP PRIORITY and if you have been erroneously charged, the same amount, in full, would be refunded. We promise a first response within 24 working hours and resolution within 6 working days of receiving your email.

Your convenience and confidence are of paramount importance to us.

Happy booking. Happy viewing...

The NoMoreQueue Team.